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Brief Introduction

 School of Environmental & Safety Engineering



Teaching and Scientific Research Institution

The School of Environmental & Safety Engineering (SOESE) of Changzhou University (CZU) was founded in April 2001. SOESE has 4 faculties: environmental engineering, safety engineering, municipal engineering and civil engineering; 4 centers: the experiment center, surveying and mapping engineering center, monitoring and verification engineering center and China-Australia food safety engineering center; 4 scientific research and technological development organizations: institute of environmental protection, safety engineering research institute, institute of municipal engineering and geotechnical engineering institute; platform for teaching and scientific research such as Jiangsu environmental & safety discipline comprehensive training centerand Changzhou processing technology research center of organic wastes resources etc.

Specialty and Subject Setup

The school has two first-level master’s degree authorization centers: Environmental Science and Engineering, Safety Science and Engineering; three secondary discipline: environmental engineering, environmental science, safety technology and engineering; two master's degree autonomous authorization centers: civil and environmental engineering, food safety; one engineering master's authorization center in the environmental engineering field. The safety science and engineering is one of the key disciplines of Jiangsu Province.

The school presently has 6 undergraduate majors as follows: Environmental Engineering (established in 2001)environmental sciences (established in 2004), Safety Engineering(established in 1990, and started undergraduate admission since 1994), science and engineering of water supply and drainage (established in 1987, and started undergraduate admission since 1994), civil engineering (established in 2003), project management(established in 2013). Safety engineering is the national comprehensive reform pilot major; environmental engineering is the characteristic discipline of Jiangsu Province; Safety specialties (including safety engineering, environment engineering) are the key majors of the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" listed colleges and universities of Jiangsu province.

Teaching and Talent Training

Since its establishment, the school has gained 1 outstanding prize and 2 second prize of teaching achievement award in the Jiangsu Province; 3 first prize and 3 second prize of provincial top-quality (excellent) curriculum; 3 first prize and 3 second prize of provincial excellent teaching materials, and 1 award on provincial excellent study material; two second prize of multimedia courseware contest of Jiangsu province; 22 graduates have separately won the first, second and third prize of Jiangsu Province excellent undergraduate graduation thesis (Design) for ten consecutive years.

The school presently has 1100 undergraduates and 170 master students. In recent years, one-time employment rate of graduates are above 98% and secondary employment rate reached 100%. Some outstanding undergraduates of civil engineering and other majors can be selected to study abroad.

The school has cultivated over 2000 bachelor graduates and 200 master graduates in total; in addition, the school has trained over 100 overseas students and non-degree students from the other colleagues at home and abroad, enterprises and institutions. Our graduates are in all walks of life, and many of them have become the technical backbone, department head of the government and the enterprises or entrepreneurs.

In addition to the scholarship set up by CZU, the school has set up the "triple eternal" scholarship, star morning environmental protection scholarship, environmental protection of love scholarship, "together with love · interpret university dream" scholarship, almost covering all disciplines.


Scientific Research

Since 2008, the school has hosted 21 projects of National Natural Science Foundation, 3 research items of the national major scientific and technological projects (including participation), 3 research projects of national public welfare sectors, 53 items of provincial level scientific research projects and 17 items of cooperative projects mainly involved in the following research fields: the theory and technology of water pollution control, drinking water safety security technology, environmental pollution and risk assessment, city site contamination and remediation, environmental biotechnology, heavy metal pollution and treatment, solid waste treatment and disposal, air pollution control and technology, chemical safety theory and technology, safety monitoring and risk assessment, fire protection technology, safety in production and management, the construction waste resource utilization technology, building environment and energy saving and emission reduction and geotechnical engineering management and environmental protection etc. The school has gained 2 first prize and 5 second prize of provincial science and technology progress; published over 60 textbooks and monographs, more than 800 articles were published in the “The ISME Journal” the series of magazines “Nature” publication of Journals; more than 450 patents have been applied or authorized, therein over 20 research achievements have realized transfer or application.


Teaching Staff

The school presently has 82 faculty members, including 71 full-time teachers, 15 professors, 26 associate professors. 98% of the full-time teachers have master or PhD degree. 56% of the full-time teachers have PhD degree. The school invited 48 well-known experts and scholars from Germany, Italy, Australia, Fudan University, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, Southeast University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology working as part-time or visiting professors. The school has 1 teacher whom has been selected as “Academic Leaderof Jiangsu Province”. 9 teachers have been selected as “Academic Leaderof CZU”. 3 teachers have been selected as “Academic Leaderof Jiangsu Qinglan Project”. 5 teachers have been selected as “Backbone teacher of Jiangsu Qinglan Project”. 4 teachers have been selected as cultivatingtalents of "Jiangsu 333 project for the cultivation of high-level talents".


Cooperation and Exchanges

Since the establishment, the school has established extensive relationships and cooperation with more than 50 domestic and foreign famous universities, academic organizations, research institutions and enterprises from Germany, Ireland, Finland, the United States of America, Canada, Australia and other countries. There are 3-5 teachers who are sent abroad to study, do collaborativeresearch and participate in academic conferences each year. There are a number of undergraduate students in "3+1", "4+1" mode whom are sent to foreign schools to conduct joint training or studying for a master's degree. There are nearly 10 undergraduate and graduate students are presently studying in Leipzig University of Germany, and other colleges and universities. The school has hosted “International Symposium on Membrane Technology Applied in Water Treatment”, “Academic Annual Meeting on Safety Engineering” “Subject Construction Seminar on Civil Engineering of Jiangsu province”, and other national or international academic conferences, and thus forms a good academic atmosphere.

Ideological and Cultural Construction

The school attaches great importance to and strengthen the ideological education and management of the teaching staff and students. The school adheres to the people-oriented education concept and improves teachers’ and students’ sense of responsibility and mission and strengthens the cohesion of the school. The school held the knowledge of environmental protection contest, safety knowledge contest, environmental, safety speech contest once a year. The school organizes the students to conduct the environment and social development, safety publicity activities each year in June 5th and November 9th cultivate students' awareness of environmental safety, strengthen the modern engineering quality of students, strengthen the construction of social practice base. The Party committee has been awarded the “AdvancedLocalCommunistParty Organization of CZU”, "AdvancedLocalCommunistParty Organization of Changzhou" and "AdvancedLocalCommunistParty Organization of the Universities of Jiangsu Province”

In recent years, the school has been continuously enriched and improved. In line with the school motto spirit “Unity and fighting, upholding study and valuing thrift”, School of Environmental and Safety Engineering of CZU has given top priority to discipline building, forming the school-running characteristics of "production, teaching and science research," as the goal, actively carrying out multi-dimensional (Cooperation) association with local government and enterprises, and make greater contributions to high-quality personnel training and promote the development of water science and engineering, environmental science and engineering, safety engineering and civil engineering discipline of our country.